Unlimited Productions offered by Backstage Studio brings you the package where creativity meets technology, offering a way to promote your content that covers all 4 ingredients.


The Unlimited Productions service offers a 360-degree approach that includes our expertise in creating the content you need.

Are you a content creator, broadcaster, production house or advertising agency?

This service may be for you!

1200 square metres of technology await you.

When you want to create online you need equipment. Artists call it a technical rider. It’s the total equipment needed for you to successfully deliver your performance to your audience.

In our studio, we’ve created the rider that can help you take your creation from idea to production by augmenting reality. You can basically reproduce anything you want through virtual reality.

It all depends on what you need!

Together we identify the intersecting point between what you need and what we deliver.

But how do you make everything you want to create, be it TV shows, music videos, commercials, events with or without an audience, NFTs or courses and educational content for e-learning platforms?

These and many more can be produced in our studio in Mogoșoaia.

This is where the magic happens!

You can invite up to 150 people to watch live as you create content that goes beyond our reality.

A 10*10 metre Chroma wall awaits you, with a 10*10 metre opening limbo and a height of 5 metres. Basically, you can do almost anything!

The guests have their coffee in the specially arranged area, the artists are in make-up or wardrobe, the receptionist receives the last guests, all the equipment is either stored or properly installed… 3,2,1…GO!

We’re live at Backstage Studio!

You can create anything, anywhere, anytime.

How do you think we can reproduce a virtual space?

  • First we choose the space we want to create, so we identify the location. Then, with the help of Brainstorm Multimedia software (an extremely powerful software that allows us to reproduce any virtual environment we want) we scan all the details and prepare the information for your set.
  • Then we project it onto our huge 100 square metre chroma wall. It’s so big that even a 10-metre-long table with 2 people on one end would still fit on the screen. We’ve created the set, now we need to populate it.
  • With the Mo-sys tracking system (a super high-tech crane with a character tracking system that allows us to cut out the silhouettes and place them in any virtual space we want) we cut out the real-life characters and insert them into the virtual space created.




The first part is where you ask us if you just need the location (studio), and then you come with the necessary equipment and production team needed.



At this stage you choose whether you also want to have a creative concept, by working with a partner to create augmented reality using virtual set or LED equipment.



We develop “3D graphics and virtual setup” – the stage, virtual decorations, placement of LED screens or virtual elements. We make the technical design and establish the implementation plan. This is where everything takes shape and we already have a head-to-head process for production deployment.



This is the stage where the entire Backstage team participates in the implementation of the production.

That’s why we identify together the needs of your project and create the perfect mix between what you already have and what you need to integrate.



Here we assemble and edit all the content created down to the finest details. In the end you will get the desired material as needed: TV show editing, after movie with the most important moments of your event, course editing, etc.

What type of services does Unlimited Productions cover?

What do you find with us?

  • Services from A to Z – in one place, find the equipment, space and team needed to implement your ideas
  • Optimal price – Extremely competitive fee, calculated according to the days spent in the studio and the human resources involved
  • Flexibility – you can choose to bring your own team and we provide you with a fully equipped studio.

Your benefits:

  • Interactivity and customization – we make the most of our audience’s receptiveness by adding video graphics that attract and create engagement.
  • Speed and comfort – benefit from the OneStop concept! Reach out to us and we’ll give you everything you need for your project.
  • Top technology and team – production studio equipped with chroma key, led set-up, Mo-sys crane (link) and Brainstorm multimedia software (link), controlled by a trained team.
  • Transparent price calculation methodology – the price is calculated according to the number of rental days, allocated equipment, support cost and external costs (if applicable).
  • Return on investment – eliminate intermediary costs, gain time and speed of response. You can reproduce any event format with virtual production and augmented reality. Just imagine anything, anywhere, anytime…


Do you have a product launch or corporate event that you want to run with the audience in the room and at the same time broadcast it online?

Then you want a hybrid event!

How does it work?

Part of the guests are in the physical location and the other part is watching the event from any other location and from any device (phone, tablet, laptop, desktop) connected to the internet. The advantage of this type of event is that it offers the possibility for an extremely large (online + offline) audience to attend your event.

Why us?

  • The 1200 square meters of the Backstage Production Studio are big enough for your audience of 150 people.
  • Broadcast technology delivers audio and video online at the highest quality standards.
  • Unique experience for online audiences by creating virtual reality

We look forward to hosting you and your guests at your next hybrid event!


Want to shoot a video or a commercial for TV or YouTube? 

In Mogoșoaia, 30 minutes from Bucharest, Backstage Studio offers you the possibility to find everything you need to shoot your video or commercial in one location.

  • generous space (1.200 sqm)
  • state-of-the-art video and audio equipment
  • professional lighting system
  • dedicated film crew, dedicated post-production crew

Get a demo and find out what we can create together!


With us you can make almost any kind of TV show, even if you don’t have your own film studio or all the necessary equipment!

  • cooking shows
  • talent shows
  • news bulletins
  • panel-type shows
  • you name it!

Come up with an idea, we create the concept, and then we implement it.

We put all the details together, film the show and at the same time broadcast it live with the broadcasting equipment we have.


Are you ready to hit the Update button when it comes to making your next TV show?


Do you want to create e-learning content to pass on the knowledge you’ve gained?

For your course participants to receive most value, it is best to activate as many of their senses as possible.

In the Backstage Production studio, you can graphically represent the information being transmitted or even ‘visit’ other places on the planet by building virtual reality. You can even build your own platform created from your lectures.

Let’s create video content together that will take learners’ learning journey to new frontiers!

We have all the ingredients, for all tastes!
Choose the recipe that suits your audience!


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